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Obagi Skin Care
Prevention is a crucial aspect of our Tacoma Botox clinic’s anti-aging philosophy. And with clinical-quality skin care products like Obagi, available through our Tacoma Botox Botixue clinic in Tacoma, it has never been easier to repair, renew, and protect your skin.

There are two particular proteins, collagen and elastin, that can be thought of as the building blocks of youthful skin. Unfortunately, their production decreases with age, leaving skin less able to recover from the damage and stress of daily life. With a full line of cleansers, toners, and eye creams designed to enhance collagen and elastin production, an Obagi skin care regime from your Tacoma Botox clinic helps your skin literally heal itself.

Obagi Skin Care at our Tacoma Botox Botixue Clinic

So what does this mean for Tacoma Botox clinic clients? Above all, it means the results of injections may be even more striking when supported by Obagi’s premier skin care products.* For example, research has shown remarkable effectiveness at eye wrinkle reduction. In fact, 79% of subjects found their Obagi treatment not just effective, but more effective than other products. Because of results like these, Obagi is the preferred skin care line of our Botox clinic in Tacoma.

We all know the future begins right now. So when it comes to skin care, why wait for time to continue taking its toll? Now is the time to discover for yourself the phenomenal results that Obagi customers have been enjoying for years. From cleansers to moisturizers to sunscreens, the Botox clinic in Tacoma can teach you how best to address all your skin care needs. Contact Botox Botixue today to learn more about the benefits and pricing of the full range of Obagi skin care products.

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