A Young Generation – Gen Z – Is Falling In Love With Botox

Self-Care for Both Young and Mature

There is this young generation of people who are starting their defining beauty regimen early to keep those tell-tale signs of aging at bay. They are not waiting too long and now make up the latest mass of botox believers. Know why generation Zers are loving Botox.

More and more people are becoming aware that personal maintenance does not only revolve around hair trims and hair colors, nail care, and spa treatments. Cosmetic procedures are being considered as part and parcel of the beauty and health package. Since the beginning of the 2010s, people who were twentyish were going into cosmetic treatments.

In fact, a survey – from the 2017 American Society of Plastic Surgeons – showed that Botox treatments increased by 28% and dermal fillers went up by 32%. And this was seen in the age group 20 to 29. What was formerly regarded as a luxury, or only celebrities and the super-rich can enjoy, is now regular maintenance to a great swathe of followers and believers.

However, questions arise as to the possible unwanted side-effects of having treatments like botox so early. Experts and advocates of botox are also doctors in the field and say that there’s one thing to be cautious about this treatment – just do not overdo it. The treatment can lead to tolerance with time. Likewise engaging the services of a professional may assure a satisfactory outcome.

What are the reasons for the upward trend of botox and injectables among the young people? The treatment has gained acceptance across social classes because of its acceptance as an effective, non-surgical, safe, and affordable age-defying treatment. People see it everywhere, especially on celebrities, politicians, influencers, and more. Botox clinics are accessible and many in key cities and towns which in a way contributed to the spread of the treatment.

Social media is the main and strong reason for the wide acceptance of cosmetic surgery and non-surgery botox treatment. On TikTok channel, with the hashtag #preventivebotox , enjoy over 33 million views and their video list is truly long. While cosmetic procedures are becoming a norm, remember that overuse of botox contributes to its bad rep. It’s not a case of more is better. Botox’s claim of giving youth back is quite well-founded. It’s better when you start it young, though.


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