Tacoma Botox Clinic Services

Every day at the Botox clinic in Tacoma, we see Botox injections instantly restore youthfulness and vitality to aging faces. It’s no secret that Botox, one of the most popular cosmetic procedures on the planet, can achieve results of a magnitude that used to require surgery.*

So how do our Tacoma Botox clinic services achieve these results? Quite simply, Botox injections ‘freeze’ the muscles that strain and wrinkle our skin, allowing the skin to recover naturally and impeding further wrinkling. Injections are administered directly into areas of concern–such as a furrowed brow, crow’s feet, or smile lines–and last approximately three to six months, at which point another treatment session may help the client achieve even more lasting results.*

Key Facts From Tacoma Botox Botixue Clinic

Patients of our Tacoma Botox clinic are often confused by the myths and rumours surrounding the treatment. Let’s take a closer look at some of these misunderstandings:

“I won’t be able to smile or frown after Botox” – False. Reduction in facial muscle activity is what makes Tacoma Botox clinic services so effective, but the muscles are not completely paralyzed. You will still be able to show happiness, sadness, surprise, and everything else you feel.

“I’m not old enough to benefit.” – If you’re an adult, then Botox treatment before wrinkles begin forming has actually been shown to limit wrinkle development in later years.

“Injections are painful” – Most patients feel only a minor prick, and icing the skin will minimize even that sensation. Compared to the other things we all endure, such as waxing our legs, the discomfort of Botox is barely worth mentioning!

“Botox is dangerous” – Not in the expert hands of our Tacoma Botox clinic’s lead injection specialist. Botox is perfectly safe when properly administered, as Botox Botixue has done for many years.

“You have to have lots of treatments to see results.” – Naturally, ongoing treatments bring greater benefits, but anyone will see results from a single treatment.*

“It’s expensive” – Wrong again. Botox is a mere fraction of the cost of surgery, and is actually one of the more affordable non-surgical cosmetic procedures, as well.

All in all, we believe Botox is one of the most exciting and effective treatments for wrinkle reduction. Contact the Tacoma Botox Botixue clinic today for a consultation, and we look forward to showing you results that you can be proud of!