Botox Popularity Growing Quickly Among Men

Whether they realize it or not, the male clients of our Tacoma Botox clinic are helping set a major trend.  As men have come to realize the fast and safe rejuvenation of Botox injections, they received 8% more injections in 2011 than in 2010, as opposed to only a 5% increase among women.  Whether this is due to changing social factors, increased stress at work, or something else altogether, the fact is that Botox can help just about anyone erase the years and slow future facial aging.  Naturally, women are still the predominant customers of cosmetic Botox in Tacoma and elsewhere, but the figures are quickly beginning to converge.  If you are a man looking to relax a stress-wrinkled forehead or furrowed brow, give Botixue a call today to see if this extraordinary treatment may be right for you, too.