Botox-Treated Scalp Trend

Botox Injections to the Scalp?

Don’t women want to work out in the gym and still have their alluring, blown-out hair style on? Or don’t women want to keep their salon-treated blow dry hair for longer at the office without worrying that they have to blow dry again and again? According to Us Weekly, there’s this beauty trend that will keep your style longer. What is just needed are Botox injections to the scalp.

It’s called ‘Blotox’, a procedure that requires about 200 Botox injections carefully placed under the hair follicles. It will prevent nerve endings from connecting to the eccrine glands, the glands responsible for sweat. Hence, if you will not sweat, you will not ruin your blow dry.

While Botox has been FDA-approved for treating crow’s feet, forehead and frown lines, dermatologists and beauty experts have been using it off-label for years in various application places. When performed by board certified specialists, these off-label applications can be safe and effective procedures. And as with all Botox treatments, the results wear off in about six months. Keeping your scalp free of sweat for some indeterminate amount of time, you’ve got to maintain the treatments.

This can be a busy body’s or a working woman’s dream come true. In spite of the grueling hours at the gym or an 8-hour office job and a date afterwards, people will have to worry less about sweat. With Botox-treated scalp, even kinky or curly hair that’s been blow-dried will remain straight longer.

Injecting the needle 200 times into your scalp may sound painful, or at least daunting, but the effort will only leave a tingling sensation in a 20 minute or so procedure.
Of course there are other less expensive and less daunting alternatives to Blotox – such as shampooing less frequently or using dry shampoos. But if you’re for Blotox, you are saving more time and effort, if not money, looking great all the time.