Care for your Skin by Caring for your Eyes!

Eye Wrinkles

It’s a no-brainer that, in order to maintain healthy and youthful skin, you should be feeding your skin what it needs and guarding it from anything that would damage or age it prematurely. However, you shouldn’t discount the importance of your eyes in keeping the years off of your face. You may be surprised how much a proper maintenance of your eyes can prolong the treatments you receive at our Tacoma Botox clinic.

Crow’s Feet

The name of the game here is to avoid squinting. This will shield you from unwanted crow’s feet. With that in mind, always be prepared to wear sunglasses on sunny days. Make sure you have proper eye protection in the driver’s side of your car. Also, do what you can to protect your vision, so that you don’t find yourself squinting in order to read or see distant objects properly. Get your eyes tested and wear glasses if you need to; your face will thank you in the long run.