Chin Acne

Do you ever experience acne breakouts located entirely around your chin? This is not a conventional acne breakout, like the ones you suffered in your teen years.

Chin acne is a common condition that mostly affects women over twenty-five years old, often during pregnancy or after changing birth control. Dermatologists aren’t entirely sure what causes it, but it apparently has something to do with the hormonal changes going on in your body. It will sometimes come in the form of a general break-out all around the face, but it most commonly is localized on the chin.

You can address chin acne by talking to your doctor, who may be able to recommend alternative birth control or other medications to manage your hormones. Sometimes, however, you may find that it is not hormones to blame at all, but rather a reaction to a toothpaste, cosmetic, or other item you are using around your mouth. Be sure to have your blemishes properly assessed by a skin care expert before attempting any treatments.