Conquering Your Dark Eye Circles

Do you have dark, puffy circles around your eyes? This happens when blood pools up under your eyes until it becomes visible. Depending on the specific cause of your dark circles, there are numerous ways to address the problem.

  • Moisturizer is instrumental to decreasing the appearance of darkness and puffiness. Apply a moisturizer to the area around your eye every day. Seek out a product that is specifically designed for use on eyes. An eye cream with vitamin-K will serve to strengthen your capillaries.
  • Dark circles can be a sign of poor circulation. Get regular exercise to improve your circulation.
  • Sometimes, allergies are to blame. Consider trying an antihistamine. If that doesn’t work, talk to your physician for more ways to manage your allergies
  • Too little sleep can bring about dark circles. The amount of sleep that you need every night will vary, depending on your age and other factors, but you should generally be getting between six and nine hours.

For other ways to maintain a youthful appearance in your face, consult our Tacoma Botox clinic.