Good News for Chocolate Lovers

We’re probably not going out on a limb much to assume that you love chocolate.  After all, who doesn’t?  It’s delicious, and it’s scientifically proven to make people happy.  Unfortunately, you’re probably used to eschewing this delightful indulgence in the name of sparing your skin.  “Chocolate causes acne”, is the common wisdom.  If this is something you’ve been living by, then your Tacoma botox clinic has good news.
Extensive scientific research has determined that the chocolate myth is exactly that: a myth.  Chocolate does not, by itself, cause breakouts.  It would appear that dairy products, like those found in milk chocolate, are the culprits here.  Nobody knows why this is, and the dairy-acne link is not entirely understood.  However, good old dark chocolate should not be doing anything to provoke your acne.