How Does Botox Treatment Work On Facial Lines?

Your Lines And Botox Expectations

Due to natural aging and damage caused by sun exposure and other environmental changes, the development and deepening of facial lines become a concern for many. There are several types of worrisome facial lines that can be addressed by treatment, such as Botox. It’s good to know about these issues and how Botox can treat them.

There are factors or a combination of factors that cause the appearance and deepening of your facial lines. Collagen, a natural component of skin, can be reduced and other cellular changes can occur. Repeated squinting and even smiling, frowning, or raising your brows contract the muscles in your face and cause the skin to fold or furrow. They can get used to these habits and so facial lines become more gradually pronounced.

Botox treatment can address these issues, helping to reduce the facial lines formed by working under the surface of the skin and temporarily decreasing the muscle contraction therein.

Do you have frown lines? They appear between your brows. They can be moderate to severe frown lines causing furrowed and folded skin because you may frown too often. Botox helps to reduce these lines by injections beneath the affected skin and make them less obvious.

Do you have crow’s feet? Moderate to severe crow’s feet affect the muscles around your eyes, especially those at your lid tips and underneath your lids as well. Frequent squinting or even smiling causes them to be more pronounced. Botox injections can help them look much better.

Do you have forehead lines? This means your forehead muscles contract repeatedly. Moderate to severe lines on the forehead are caused by always raising your eyebrows, hence, the skin above your brows tend to furrow or fold leaving three or more visible folds. Again, Botox can be used to reduce the number of folds or make them less pronounced.

Botox injections may take effect within 24 to 48 hours wherein a smoothing of those lines can be visible. Full results are appreciated in 30 days and up to 4 months at the least. Continuous treatment is necessary for those moderate to severe facial lines to look better.


Meeting Your Botox Expectations in Tacoma

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