The Link Between Psoriasis and Depression

What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is an inflammatory disease that typically affects your skin and joints. It is characteristic of red patches and silver-white scales raising up around your skin. It has been associated with a number of other conditions for a long time, including diabetes and heart disease. Recently, a study has added depression to this list.

The Connection

Observing that many psoriasis patients suffer from depression, dermatologist Roger Ho studied a group of over twelve thousand participants. It was observed that the odds of suffering major depression were doubled among psoriasis patients. Dr. Ho theorizes that the connection between the two conditions may have to do with the poor self-image brought on by psoriasis. Since it is a highly visible condition, and one which people are likely to react to disfavorably, it can cause people to feel isolated and cut off from those around them.

The takeaway from this study is the importance of maintaining a healthy appearance in your skin. If you require help doing so, talk to our Botox clinic in Tacoma.