Photoaging: Your Skin vs. the Sun

Sun Damage to Skin

A good way to get the most out of a treatment from our Tacoma Botox clinic is to avoid anything that promotes the breakdown of your skin. This includes the sun, which is likely to be the biggest contributor to your skin’s aging. The sun has its health benefits, of course, but you only need roughly twenty minutes of unprotected sunlight exposure a day to get the vitamin D you need (or more, if you have a darker complexion). To push this limit with tanning and sunbathing is to invite the ravages of “photoaging”.

UV Rays

Photoaging is the dermatological term for the breakdown of skin caused by exposure to UV rays. These rays diminish your supply of collagen, which is a key element to your skin’s youthfulness. It’s when your skin loses collagen that it loses elasticity and begins to sag and wrinkle.

Other symptoms of photoaging include a thicker, more leathery skin surface, uneven pigmentation and age spots.

You can’t avoid the sun entirely even during the winter season, but you can do something to battle the damage it does to your face. Come on by to Botixue Tacoma for a Botox injection or a dermal filler today!