Taking the Bag Out of Your Eyes

Puffy and Tired Eyes

A big part of looking younger and more vibrant is keeping your eyes from looking puffy and tired. Our Tacoma Botox clinic can take you a long way in this department, reducing the effects of age lines around the eyes and tightening up your skin. If you’d like to try doing more by yourself, however, try these simple tips:

One of the most important things you should be doing is making sure you’re staying hydrated and getting enough sleep. Both of these have a huge impact on your overall health, and a failure to do either will show itself in your eye bags. So get your eight hours of sleep every night, and cut down on your salt intake in favor of more water if you’re not getting your proper hydration.

Further, have you ever wondered why some people place cucumber slices over their eyes? There’s no big secret to this. The fact is that the cucumber slices are just a good way to keep the eyes cool, which reduces swelling and encourages the bags around your eyes to disappear. You can get the same effect with a cold pack. Wet tea bags are also a great alternative, as the antioxidants in green tea are highly beneficial to the skin. Consider saving your used tea bags after enjoying a cup, and letting them sit on your eyes for ten minutes at a time several times a week.