The Advantages of Botox over Facelifts

Why not a facelift?

This is a question asked by many potential customers of our Tacoma Botox clinic. Indeed, if you have the resources necessary to afford the procedure, it may seem desirable to seek a permanent, surgical solution to your facial wrinkles.

However, there is certain risk involved with plastic surgery that you simply do not get with Botox. The list of possible side effects from a facelift is long, including scarring, skin or fat necrosis, infection, nerve damage, and many more frightening possibilities. This is to say nothing of the cosmetic disaster that may come to pass if your lift doesn’t turn out as you planned. If your face comes out uneven or unnatural, there is no way to go back to the way it was before.

Botox is simpler, safer, and friendlier to your natural face. It can be done without anesthesia, its recovery period is shorter and more comfortable, and the health risks are virtually nil. Make the right choice and call Botixue today!