The Effects of Stress on your Face

Stress can impact all facets of your life, and your skin health is no exception.  A big part of making your trips to our Tacoma botox clinic go farther is to avoid stress, as stress can begin a vicious cycle on your face.  Here’s what you need to know about the effects of stress on your skin:

  • Stress causes chemical reactions in your body that make your skin more sensitive.  This makes you more prone to skin problems, and makes existing conditions a bit slower to heal.

  • Stress encourages your sebaceous glands to produce more oil, which causes acne breakouts and other problems.

  • Stress can frequently cause a loss of sleep, or vice versa.  In either case, your face is quickly going to advertise to the world that you aren’t getting your full eight hours every night.

  • When you’re stressed out, you’re more likely to neglect secondary concerns like your skin-care routine.

All of this adds up to new problems for your skin, which in turn adds up to additional stress.  To keep this from happening to you, focus on soldiering through your skin care every day while finding other ways to cope with your problems.  Only then can you break the cycle, and continue on with your happy, beautiful life.