What Training Goes Into Being a Botox Specialist?

Some people wonder about why they shouldn’t try to save money and inject their own botox.  To give you a better idea of why you are better off in the expert hands of our Tacoma botox clinic, we ask you to consider the training that goes into qualifying to administer botox.

Botox is a delicate procedure, involving injecting a potentially dangerous substance into a very fragile part of your body.  A wrong fumble, and you could paralyze the wrong face muscles such that you look like a stroke victim for an extended period of time (or worse).  This is why the state of Washington has strict requirements on who gets to perform botox treatments; such people must be a licensed nurse at the very least, on top of which they must go through the proper training and exhibit an acceptable competency in the procedure.  All of this is done to assure you the safest and most effective botox treatments, and it is well worth the effort.