2020 Predictions for Top Injectable Facial Treatments

Botox and More on the Rise 

Aesthetic treatments used to be hushed topics in years past, but now, it’s no big deal to dish about your injection appointments. People of all generations are using Botox and Juvéderm, whether they’re 25 or 65 or older. There’s a major shift in trend in 2019 when younger adult patients were going for treatments. In the year previous, people under 40 were potentially looking into preventative options. Let’s see here what the pros are predicting in 2020.

Therapeutic indications for Botox. The neurotoxin is not just for wrinkles and fine lines. In 2019, it was approved to treat pediatric patients with upper and lower limb spasticity, excluding spasticity caused by cerebral palsy. Botox is further being studied for even more therapeutic indications – including major depressive disorder and prevention of post-operative atrial fibrillation in patients undergoing open-chest cardiac surgery.

Botox as 30th birthday gift to self. Specialists are seeing a growing group of cosmetic patients, women especially, coming in for botulinum toxin injections for their 30th birthday.  Injection of the furrowed area between the eyebrows, referred to as the ‘11’ lines,  is the most popular request. 

Dermal fillers for acne scars. Injectable fillers continue to be one of the most requested treatments, now with a brand new purpose: pitted acne scars. Belotero Balance is a popular choice with its thinner, lightweight composition that helps the gel be distributed much more evenly and provides a smooth transition between the treatment area and the surrounding skin. 

Moisturizing lip fillers. Women want more balanced and fuller lips, with moisturizer. Adding hyaluronic acid to the lips draws in moisture. Juvéderm and Restylane deliver both volume and hydration.

Longer-lasting fillers that are also pain-free. Juvéderm Volbella XC gives longer-lasting results, up to a year. It’s a mixture of hyaluronic acid which plumps up the lips or vertical lines above the lip. It has lidocaine added so it hurts less when injected.

Bonti by Allergan is a quick fix. It’s a fast-acting toxin that offer a quicker action, though a short-lived effect. The usual neurotoxins typically takes about two weeks to give their full effect. This will be ideal for first-time patients who just want to experiment; it will quickly wear off. It is also an option for people who need a last-minute fix.

Jawline-sculpting fillers for a more chiseled jaw.  More and more women are requesting for fillers in the jawline. Injecting a small amount of filler in the angle of the jaw helps define one’s profile and highlight the jawline.

Looking for super-full lips. Who needs over-the-top lip fillers? Some doctors say that patients are not into “natural” for 2020. Because social media is influencing societal perceptions of beauty, bigger lips are in. Bigger is not always better, and not everyone’s face can accommodate large lips. While the natural shape of an individual’s lips can be enhanced, more and more patients seem to be specifically looking for an artificial look.

The 30-minute nose job. Liquid rhinoplasties are predicted to be on the upswing. These are filler nose jobs that do not have the downtime of an actual nose job. They are for hiding small asymmetries or a small bump, a quick fix to an imperfection after a rhinoplasty, or adding volume to the bridge of the nose to make it appear narrower. 


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