Is My Makeup Protecting Me from the Sun?

Makeup SPF

A lot of makeup products will list an SPF value, promising that wearing the makeup will help to protect you from the harmful effects of the sun. This can be an attractive prospect when you don’t want to have to apply sunblock over your cosmetics. However, in relying on the SPF of your makeup, you’re not doing your skin any favors. Our Tacoma Botox clinic advises that you always apply a proper sunscreen, even when wearing a high SPF makeup.

Whether you’re using foundation, powdered makeup, or liquid makeup, the SPF listed on the packaging is not likely to be what you’re actually getting. According to Leslie Bauman, MD, of the University of Miami Cosmetic Group, you would need to apply roughly fifteen times the normal amount of makeup in order to achieve the SPF on the label.

Further, a conventional makeup is not likely to grant you the broad spectrum protection that you need to shield your skin from lasting damage. So remember, while makeup can do wonders to make your face look younger, only sunscreen is going to actually keep your skin from aging.