Botox or a Facelift: Your Choice

Know More Botox and Facelift

If you’ve been planning on a face rejuvenation treatment and are not quite sure what procedure you really want, perhaps you better rethink that. Meaning, rather ask what treatment type is best for your situation and not what you think you like done. But then, there’s the outcome you desire and the corrections you want done, so whether or not a procedure is the right one for you, you’d go for it.

For you to make the right choice, It would be a good idea to study your options. Let’s look at facelift. A surgical procedure that uses general or local anesthesia, a facelift literally lifts the facial tissue and muscles and can remove sagging skin. The ideal candidate for a surgical facelift is lax skin, loose skin around the chin and jaw, or sagging tissue or deep folds around the cheek, nose, and mouth.

The ultimate goals of a facelift are: that excellent cheek volume, smooth and angular jawline without the jowls, smooth neck with no muscle laxity, and, absolutely that natural look. Because a facelift requires a specialist’s expertise, including an anesthesiologist’s, precision and attention to detail, it is more expensive than giving botox. Being a more invasive procedure and more time-intensive to perform and recover from than botox add to its price tag. Nonetheless, many still opt for facelift owing to the pronounced longer-lasting results it delivers.

Botox injections address the facial lines and wrinkles due to aging, working by blocking the nerves that contract muscles, softening the appearance of wrinkles. The effects only last from between three to five months, and hence better if you incorporate this treatment as part of your fitness and beauty routine. You’d be able to maintain the anti-wrinkle effects seamlessly, and without too much time away from work.

For those who do not want to go under the knife or suffer the longer recuperation period after-effects, botox is the procedure of choice. Botox can make you noticeably younger looking in less the time and the cost of a facelift. Do check the credentials of your professional first and ask for references for better and safer outcomes.

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