When is it Too Early to have Botox?

The Wonders of Preventive Botox

It’s amazing how more and more people are embracing the wonders of the youth-giving properties of botox. The injectable, non-invasive treatment is popular among both genders from all walks of life now seeing a growing number of younger believers. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) says that in 2016 alone, an estimated 7 million injection procedures, including botox, were performed. Younger people are now seeing the merits of preventive botox.

What do dermatologists say about the right age to get botox? Specialists don’t see too many of the 20s-something set coming in for injections for the simple reason that lines do not develop yet or are not pronounced on faces at this age range. When they do, these are people who have visible lines from over squinting, who frown or laugh a lot that even when their faces are at rest, the lines show. You must remember that muscles used very often in expression tend to get marked on our faces.

Many dermatologists would hesitate doing any preventive procedure on those younger than 24 or 25 years old but instead will advise on facial muscle relaxation instead. However, treatments have been done on those who seek botox from mid 20s to 30 years of age especially if expression lines are already visible. The earlier you start botox, the better since it is best used as a preventative measure to avoid getting fine lines and wrinkles.

There are those in their 30s who go for botox treatment because of sun damage and visible lines from too much muscle movement. We all know now that too much facial muscle motility can lead to premature wrinkles. However, when you have a strong frown or are genetically predisposed to facial wrinkles, it would be best to start even before you turn 30. For purposes of prophylaxis, for people who take good care of their skin to begin with, many specialists will recommend botox starting in their 30s.

If you have darker skin tones and don’t work under the sun (such as being a lifeguard), it will best to start botox between 35 to 40, or sometimes could be 30. If you have had a lot of sun exposure, or have a lifestyle proved to be harder on your skin (such smokers, or those in high altitudes), 30 would be a good age.

Preventing Wrinkles at Botixue Tacoma

Prevention is indeed better than cure, and we at Botixue can help you determine if early intervention will be good for your skin. It will really depend on you – your expressions, skin tone and color, lifestyle and work.

Nip those lines in the bud while you still can.

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