Can Botox Give You a Good Hair Day?

The many applications of Botox aside from treating wrinkles have been understood for a while now. These applications have included treating back pain, managing excess sweating, and more. And recently, giving yourself a better hairdo has been added to this list.

Some people experience excessive sweating in the scalp, which serves to ruin their hair after a run or similar strenuous activity. Knowing this, some people have sought out the sweat-managing properties of Botox to solve their problem. With a series of between one hundred fifty and two hundred tiny Botox injections in the scalp, this sweating can be significantly reduced so that your hair remains clean and healthy-looking during the hot summer months or following a workout. Further, as an added bonus, it has been discovered that the Botox fosters better-growing hair.

When Botox is used to reduce excessive sweating, its effects can last from six to twelve months. This is technically an off-label use of Botox, not yet approved by the FDA. Talk to our Tacoma Botox clinic to learn more.