What Coloration Makes You Look Most Healthy?

A research team from the UK studied the effects of the appearance of a person’s skin on how attractive he or she appears. In their study, fifty-four men and women were asked to manipulate computer images of a Caucasian face so as to achieve a healthy and attractive appearance. Ultimately, most participants chose to increase the faces’ rosiness, brightness, and yellow coloration.

The preference for rosy-colored skin is easy enough to understand. Slightly flushed-looking skin is indicative of healthy blood vessels and strong oxygen flow to the face. People who smoke or suffer from heart disease have fewer vessels in their skin, giving them a more ashen look.

A preference for yellow tones can likely be attributed to the carotenoid pigments that cause such coloration. These pigments come from healthy fruits and vegetables, and serve as powerful antioxidants. Many birds and fish use the same pigments to advertise their good health to potential mates.

There are many good ways to foster an attractive, healthful aesthetic in your face. Consult Botixue in Tacoma to learn more.