Coconut Oil: A Superior Makeup Remover

Do you use a lot of makeup remover? If you do, you may have noticed that it doesn’t always have the greatest effect on your skin. Commercial makeup removers can be a little harsh, leading to breakouts and dry skin. Over time, this can add up to more serious damage and aging in the skin. So, how can you strip away your makeup every day without sacrificing the health of your face?

One simple trick is coconut oil. This natural, highly affordable substance, in addition to having many health benefits, is a very effective makeup remover. Simply apply it to your face and it will quickly break up the water-resistant substances used in your mascara, eye shadow, and other makeup products. You can then rub it off with a soft piece of tissue, leaving behind a clean face. It also serves as a natural moisturizer and sunscreen, so you will likely notice lesser breakouts and softer skin after you remove your sunscreen.

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