Is a Meat-Free Diet Good for Your Skin?

It’s no secret that your diet has an important effect on your health, particularly as it applies to your skin. The right diet has the power to give you a youthful, more vibrant appearance, whereas a poor diet can make you look more aged and unhealthy. So, what does a vegetarian or vegan diet have to offer to your face?

Indeed, there are benefits of cutting animal products out of your diet. Saturated animal fats have the potential to inflame and damage your blood vessels, which in turn robs your skin of the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. An amino acid found in meat and dairy has also been linked to acne breakouts.

If you replace some of your meat consumption with fruits and vegetables that have a heavy water content, you are giving your skin the hydration it needs to stay plump and fill out wrinkles. Meanwhile, you’re probably getting more of the vitamin C and other essential nutrients that help foster skin elasticity and a healthy glow.

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