Don’t Let your Lipstick Show your Age!

With the fluid nature of lipstick, it has a tendency to pool into the wrinkles and cracks in your lips. This causes an unsightly “bleeding” effect that can make your age lines stand out like a sore thumb. A lip augmentation from our Federal Way filler is a good way to combat this effect, of course, but there are also some simple ways to work your lipstick such that you can minimize the appearance of age all by yourself.

A big part of getting rid of lines in your lips is moisturizing. Seek out balms or other products that can protect your lips from drying out, and you’ll have fewer lines to deal with when the time comes. When applying your lip color, start with a layer of foundation to fill in the cracks before putting on your lipstick. Now you can enjoy full, vibrant lips without drawing attention to your wrinkles.