The Search for Sun-Free Vitamin D

If you care as much about your skin as our Tacoma Botox clinic does, then you probably already know about the importance of protecting it from the sun. Unfortunately, you can’t shield yourself from the harmful effects of the sun without also robbing yourself of its more beneficial aspects. After all, the sun is our main source of vitamin D, which is an important nutrient that can be connected with your risk for type 2 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, obesity, depression, bone problems, certain cancers, and more. So, how do you get your necessary vitamin D without putting your skin at risk?

Experts recommend getting your vitamin D from your diet. You can find the vitamin in dietary supplements, but there is also a wide range of common food items that are either fortified with vitamin D or have natural vitamin D levels. Salmon, swordfish, and mackerel represent some of the best natural sources of vitamin D. You can find smaller amounts in other fatty fish like tuna and sardines, as well as egg yolks and beef liver. Many cereals, milks, and orange juices have vitamin D added to them, so check the nutritional information of your favorite products to see which ones are giving you the valuable nutrition you need.