The Skin Cancer Self-Check

Our Tacoma Botox clinic wants your skin to remain beautiful, youthful, and, most importantly, healthy. To this end, we encourage you to to conduct a monthly self-examination for signs of skin cancer. This cancer has seen a rise over the years, representing the single most common form of cancer in the country, but the survival rate continues to improve as we become more aware of the warning signs and more able to eliminate the threat in its early stages.

The best time to conduct a self-exam is directly after bathing. Get a full-length mirror and a hand mirror, such that you are able to inspect every part of your skin’s surface. If you have a partner who can help you out with this, all the better. Don’t neglect hard to reach areas, like between your toes and on your scalp.

What you are looking for are strange developments in the skin. Do you notice any new moles, discolorations, or depressions? There are, of course, many benign growths you can find on your skin, but always take note of your existing moles and watch them for worrisome changes. Can you see blood vessels in your moles? Do they grow, change shape, or begin to bleed, crust, itch, or flake in ways that they didn’t before? If you find anything that troubles you, be sure to notify your doctor right away.