Exfoliating with Milk

Are the costs of brand name exfoliants getting you down? Our Federal Way Botox clinic has good news for you! Indeed, long before the trappings of the modern world, the beauty-conscious elite managed to rejuvenate their skin through the use of a simple, highly affordable product that you probably have in your house right now: milk!

Milk is an effective exfoliant because lactic acid is a potent hydroxy acid. This means that it is good at dissolving the substance that binds dead skin cells together and letting them be rinsed from your face. Meanwhile, the fat content of whole milk can help to keep your skin moisturized, making for a convenient one-step facial treatment.

Though you probably don’t care to take a full milk bath like your ancestors may have, you can exfoliate your face with a small bowl of milk. Try soaking a washcloth in milk and laying it over your face for five minutes, or massage the milk into your face and wait for it to dry. Rinse this milk away after you are done.