Exercise Your Way to Healthier Skin!

“Get more exercise” is a bit of advice that you probably expect to get from a doctor, a dietitian, or a physical trainer, but you’ve probably never expected to get the same advice from our Federal Way dermal filler clinic. On the other hand, should it really be any surprise that the largest organ in your body can benefit from a good physical fitness regimen? Staying in shape is a good idea for anyone, and that goes for someone who is simply looking to retain a youthful vigor in her skin.

When you work out, you’re stimulating your heart into pumping blood better. This is a good way to improve your circulation, and can gradually lead to an improved overall blood flow even in your downtime. Since your blood is one of the body’s primary means to deliver nutrients and flush away toxins, there isn’t a single part of your body that doesn’t benefit. Your skin gets more oxygen and valuable antioxidants, while harmful radicals are expunged all the more efficiently. This adds up to a higher production of collagen, and a lower occurrence of wrinkles.

Exercise can also help to unclog your pores, so long as you take care to wash the sweat off your face after a workout. This lets your skin breathe better, sending oxygen into the tight spaces where bacteria thrive and killing them off before they can develop into acne or other problems.

Finally, exercise is a good way to stave off obesity. Being overweight for too long can have harmful, lasting effects on your skin. So hop on the treadmill and start your run for better skin today!