Exfoliation for Men

For a long time now, the idea of having a skin-care routine was largely considered to be a womanly practice. However, our Federal Way dermal filler clinic has seen more and more men discovering a need for certain skin treatments. Logically enough, one of the biggest players here is exfoliation, which should be the ground floor of any good beautification ritual.

For men, the appeal of exfoliation, as well as its execution, is different. Even if a man isn’t terribly concerned about achieving a smooth, youthful look, the uniquely male benefit of exfoliation comes about when it’s time to shave. Clearing away old skin cells allows men to expose their facial hair follicles better, and this adds up to a cleaner shave.

Men’s exfoliation products are distinct from a woman’s because men’s skin is different. Men have larger pores, denser blood vessels, and more sweat than women, so they can require a bit more from their cleansers. With that in mind, men should seek out an exfoliating soap that advertises specifically towards them, and they’ll be well on their way to a smoother, cleaner face.