How Trustworthy is Botox Treatment?

Important Reminders for a Successful Session

In 1989, the first injectable Botox was introduced in the market. In 2002, it was granted FDA approval for cosmetic procedures, primarily as a means of eliminating forehead wrinkles. Since then it proved to be a powerful and versatile treatment for many other health issues. There are many reasons to trust the treatment and with proper precautions observed, it is a very safe option.

At the recommended dosage, Botox is used to treat forehead lines, frown lines, and crow’s feet lines. There has been no serious case of the toxin spreading and causing major damage when administered by a qualified specialist or doctor.

Your specialist ought to tell you what to expect every time you have your shots. Due to its nature, Botox may cause loss of strength or muscle weakness, or dizziness within hours to days of administration. Allergic reactions may occur, though, and may include itching, rash, red itchy welts, wheezing, asthma symptoms, or dizziness or feeling faint. Inform your doctor if you are experiencing these unintended reactions, though unlikely will they occur. Not getting the injection is recommended for allergic reactions or if there is an infection on the sites for injection.

For your safety, you must inform your specialist about your current health state or presence of a health condition that may either increase the risk of side effects of Botox, for example, conditions like difficulty in breathing or swallowing. Also disclose any surgery you’ve had on the face, any abnormal facial change, if you are pregnant or are nursing; any current medications, as well intended and new medicines. Tell your doctor if you’ve had any type of Botox injection within the past four months.

Learn about this treatment and look up the many studies and reviews already done and published to prove Botox’s efficacy and safety.

See to it that your specialist of choice is experienced and certified and also, have your treatments performed at the clinic. An establishment of good reputation is more trustworthy.

Be prepared for your treatment. Ask your specialist what you should do or expect before, during, and after a Botox session. It will cause you to worry less and feel more confident.


Trustworthy Botox Treatment in Tacoma

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