Is Waxing Good for My Skin?

Do you find yourself shaving a lot?  Perhaps it’s time to consider waxing as a more long-term solution.  Perhaps you’ve shied away from this practice before, fearing for the health of your skin, but our Tacoma botox clinic advises that waxing is actually pretty good for your skin.  If it’s done properly, it may in fact prove to be a superior alternative to shaving for many people.

One of the great things about modern waxing is that more and more people are making use of soy-based compounds, rather than the more brutal chemicals that were used in the past.  The soy waxes are better at bonding only to your hairs, rather than your skin tissue.  This adds up to a more comfortable waxing experience, as well as less damage to your skin.

If you do opt for a waxing job, it is recommended that you have it done professionally.  It takes an experienced hand to know how to handle the hot wax and keep it from burning you.  Also, leaving an empty hair follicle makes your skin temporarily vulnerable to a bacterial infection, so it’s good to know how to disinfect.