Can Botox Really Treat Acne?

The uses of botox are many.  Every day, it is used to treat all sorts of conditions ranging from crow’s feet to strangled voice syndrome.  One of the more recent developments is the possibility of using this amazing toxin to fight outbreaks of acne.

The theory at work here is that botox can block the production of a certain chemical in the skin which contributes to sebum, which is a leading cause for acne pimples.  It is a particularly delicate process, requiring injections throughout key areas of the face.  This involves a certain elevated degree of risk.

As of now, botox is not available as a treatment for acne at our Tacoma botox clinic.  This variety of treatment is still somewhat experimental, and has not yet been approved by the FDA.  Indeed, the higher precision required from this procedure may defeat its potential as a practical treatment, but it remains a fascinating outlook on the potential of the botox toxin.