Piercings vs. Your Skin

So, you’ve decided to get a piercing.  Obviously, you want to make sure that your new fashion statement continues to look good.  This means being on the lookout for the threats that piercings expose your body to.  Our Tacoma botox clinic suggests that you take a quick look through the following and make sure you’re aware of the risks of piercings.

  • Allergic Reactions: Some people experience allergic reactions from their jewelry, particular ones that involve nickel.

  • Infections: This is a particular risk directly after a piercing, but can continue to be a risk later on.  Your piercing is a great place for microbes to hide, so you’ll want to keep the area and any jewelry clean.

  • Scar Tissue: A poorly-done piercing can lead to excess scar tissue, which can be unsightly on your skin.

Tearing: Sometimes piercings can get caught in something and tear away, leaving a sizeable injury in your skin.  A great way to avoid such injuries is to opt for studs instead of hoops.