Lip Augmentation

The Ideal Candidate

According to experts, lip augmentation works well with women who were born with really slim lips, those that tend to disappear with certain facial expressions. Another ideal candidate is the mature woman whose lips have lost their volume with age. But then, if there are certain conditions attending it will become burdensome for even these ideal candidates to have lip augmentation. It is important to consult with an experienced and licensed practitioner who can be straightforward with a patient’s expectations.

Here at Botixue Botox Clinic in Tacoma, where many such enhancements were performed, the expert knowledge and long experience of their practitioners will help enlighten women before they take the plunge.

What do you watch out for?

Lip augmentation can be detrimental to patients with autoimmune conditions like osteoarthritis. NSAIDs, like aspirin, are part of their medication and these drugs can cause additional bruising. Also, it is not recommended for those with a history of allergies, diabetes, facial nerve conditions, and bleeding disorders. Patients must be warned that bleeding, infection, or allergic reactions might occur after the procedure. Some lip fillers used can cause hardening of the lips, may extrude, or cause bumps and lumps to appear leading to a very unnatural or fake look.

At Botixue, experts will guide the candidate on the procedure’s possible predictable outcomes and risks, especially if concomitant conditions do not warrant it. This Tacoma clinic uses only the most natural and safest fillers, such as Hyaluronic acid. And by the way, they also have their share of male clientele.