In Quest of Fuller Lips

Lips Not Sexy Enough

It can be exasperating if your otherwise pretty face lacks the draw of sexy and luscious lips. To you they appear too thin or perhaps have lost their plumpness over the years, not like what they used to be. Surely, layers of lipstick, lip gloss and the lip liner applied at home will be gone soon after you’ve eaten. You make the trip to the ladies’ room to do it all over again.

What’s more disconcerting is losing that natural look of your lips at points in the day. Pouting all the time simply does not make them any real.
Do you know that Botixue in Tacoma are experts in lip augmentation, the art that gives you long-lasting, natural-looking plumper lips to die for?

Best around Town

Botixue is a Botox clinic in Tacoma that has become noted not only for Botox treatment but also for lip augmentation. It uses only the most natural of dermal fillers, the proven safe and most accepted soft tissue fillers from hyaluronic acid. This type makes for more natural-looking, full and firm lips. It uses local anesthetic in an aseptic set-up ensuring patient convenience and safety. Best of all, Melissa Gordon, whose expertise is lip augmentation, has garnered local respect and esteem for being a caring, and knowledgeable specialist in this science.