The Merits of the Sun-Kissed Look

If you’re interested in Botox, you’re probably interested in fostering a youthful appearance in your face. Having our Tacoma Botox clinic clear away some key wrinkles is an excellent start, but there are other measures you can take to remove the years from your visage. Another big factor to look at is your skin tone.

Studies have demonstrated that your skin tone is a major determining factor of how young your face looks. It’s not a matter of what color you are, but rather how even this color is. If you have blotches of discoloration throughout your face, you can look far older than you need to. Some people can even these blotches out with a light tan. Be sure to tan wisely, though, since excessive sun exposure is a surefire way to age your skin. Go for the “sun-kissed” look to achieve a good evenness without doing significant damage.