“Smoker’s Face”

Our Tacoma Botox clinic has two high priorities: your appearance and your safety. It is therefore that we wish to not only assure you of the safety of Botox, which has historically shown no real risk when professionally applied to healthy adults, but also caution you against the real dangers to your health and appearance. Here we are talking about smoking, which is as big a threat to the youthfulness of your skin as it is to your heart or lungs.

Smoking, either firsthand or secondhand, can unnaturally add between ten and twenty years to the age of your face. These symptoms have been known for a long time, first identified as “smoker’s face” in a 1965 study. This phenomenon is characteristic of pale, greyed, and wrinkled skin so distinct that a trained eye might be able to identify a smoker at a glance.

Smoking’s attacks on your skin come in many different ways. It restricts the flow of blood through your skin’s capillaries, it breaks down the supply of collagen that supports your skin’s structure and it reduces the skin-protecting effects of vitamins A and C. Even the constant puckering and squinting that often goes with the act of smoking results in deeper wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. The overall effect is that, if you’re a smoker, your skin may reach middle age in your mid thirties.

If you need to battle the effects of a smoker’s face, then come by Botixue for all of your skincare and anti-aging needs. And remember: in spite of all the concerns that people may have about Botox, it is infinitely better for your skin than the breath of the next smoker you pass on the sidewalk.