Botox’s Long History of Great Clinical Results

At Botixue Botox clinic in Tacoma, we find clients are often glad to know what a long and respectable history Botox has as a cosmetic treatment. Well over a decade of medical literature has shown it to be both very safe and highly effective, as in this 1999 study appearing in the journal Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. The authors found that frown lines and crow’s feet are especially responsive to Botox treatment; indeed, they write that chemodenervation (i.e. Botox injections) may be the best of all possible treatments for such signs of aging. This is great news for anyone who is considering costly and dangerous plastic surgery, but wishes to find a safer and more affordable alternative. If you would like to arrange a personal consultation and see examples of real-life results, please call our Tacoma Botox clinic today to schedule your appointment.