Scientifically Perfect Lips

Have you ever considered the effect that a good lip augmentation from our Tacoma Botox clinic might have on your face? Your lips may seem like a particularly small part of your appearance, easy enough to enhance with a routine application of cherry gloss, but there is a lot to be said for a full, carefully manicured set of lips. In fact, there’s a very specific science to what makes your lips attractive.

The Bailey’s Lip Attractiveness Software is an actual computer program designed to logically rate the attractiveness of lips on a ten point scale. This program measures the size, fullness, proportion, texture, color and shape of the lips, all based on carefully considered and objectively quantifiable parameters. In this way, the formula for the perfect set of lips has been cracked and is available to be put to use to give you the best possible pout you deserve.

So give us a call about our lip augmentations, and we’ll tell you how we can put a little bit of life and sensuality back into your smile!