The Medical Potential of Botox

We at the Botixue Botox clinic in Tacoma are primarily concerned with the cosmetic applications of Botox, but did you know that there are a number of other valuable medical applications that the Botox toxin is being experimented with? It’s true; though the FDA has not yet approved the use of Botox for all of the non-cosmetic procedures, we may soon live in a world where the magic of Botox is regularly used to save lives and livelihoods on a grand scale.

You see, the attributes that allow Botox to relax your facial muscles can do much more than clear up wrinkles. Jaw pain, muscle twitches, or headaches associated with muscle tension can potentially be relieved in the same way. There is also some potential for people suffering with chronic back pain, as many such cases are linked to tight musculature. Cervical dystonia, for example, is one severe condition that Botox has proven to be quite effective at treating. The science is still out on some of Botox’s potential, but in the future it may be used to treat all sorts of debilitating conditions.