What About Cosmetic Creams?

There exists in the cosmetic world a number of “Botox cosmetic creams”. These offer an alternative to Botox injections that may seem at first to be less invasive and possibly less expensive. However, our Tacoma Botox clinic advises that you take care with any promises made by these products.

The fact is that a Botox cream is never going to be as effective as a properly performed injection. It may seem logical that an anti-wrinkle cream should be rubbed into the skin, but Botox doesn’t take effect on your skin. It needs to work its magic on the muscles underneath your skin, and it has a long way to go if it’s being applied topically. This is why the results of Botox creams have historically been slow and unsatisfactory. In the long run, you’ll be happier and you’ll spend a lot less money if you eschew experimenting with ineffective creams and rely on the tried-and-true methods employed at Botixue’s Botox clinic.