Sweaty No More Via Tacoma Botox

Keeping Dry in Spite of Sweating

With its range of applications, Botox’s popularity continues to soar. A wrinkle remover, a saggy neck restorer, a migraine remedy. A recent application comes into the fore – treatment for overactive sweat glands. The condition is called hyperhidrosis – sweating excessively and unpredictably even in cool temperature or even when at rest. This commonly affects the palms of the hand, the feet, and the underarms.

Botox is FDA-approved for these indications so people suffering from excessive sweating will simply have doctors inject it into their palms, feet and armpits for a sweat-free six to twelve months. Men usually get botox for embarrassing sweaty palms. But do you know that the same can be applied to sweaty scalps?

Sweaty scalps can really give you a bad hair day. Imagine your scalp all perspiring unexpectedly, ruining your hairdo, your perfect makeup down to your dress. Not to mention you have to wipe off wetness, retouch your hair, or change clothes in the middle of some activity. The discomfort is as emotional as it is physical. Now botox can relieve you of this hassle and let you have a stress-free time. Actually, the trend for using botox for sweaty scalp started among fitness enthusiasts working out while their head sweat.

Botox blocks the communication between the sweat glands and the nerves that stimulate the glands. Those who have tried botox on their scalps, some 20 to 30 minutes of 100 to 200 injections all over the scalp, though a bit painful, reported positive results. The treatment did not interfere with hair growth, which is good. While results can differ from patient to patient, some sweating not at all while others sweat less, botox treatment can surely make your life a lot easier.

Sweat Less with Botox in Tacoma

Find out more about botox and sweaty scalps at our botox clinic in Tacoma. It is just the remedy you are seeking for excessive perspiring in your palms, feet, underarms, and even your scalp. Stay healthy and fresh and clean with botox treatment.