Restoring Youth with Fillers in Tacoma

Understanding the Filler Effect

Doctors today are no longer looking at facial wrinkles and sagging skin in isolated patches and are considering how volume loss in one area affects other areas. Looking at a young face, you will note that it is broadest at the cheeks, just below the eyes, from left to right, or vice versa. Then it gradually tapers as it reaches the chin. As the face matures, it seemingly deflates, losing plumpness in the cheeks. The skin sags, leading to the formation of jowls – they are the sagging, fleshy part of the cheeks gone down pass the level of the jawline.

Jowls are one of the main facial aging issues that leads people to seek a facelift. However, some facelifts involve surgery on the facial skin only, which runs the risk of jowls recurring. More effective and longer lasting facelifts and necklifts involve deeper tissue surgery. But what if you don’t want to go under the knife because of the associated risks and the pricey tag? Fillers can be the answer.

Injectable fillers do not involve any surgery. By just injecting them into the top of the outer cheekbone, they bring fullness back to the cheeks. The skin is pulled to its original place, the smile lines as well as the marionette lines from the mouth’s corners soften. Jowls disappear. Fillers can also be used to correct drooping skin in those with prominent cheekbones.

Thinner hyaluronic acid fillers were found to improve skin texture and add radiance, causing an immediate hydrating effect due to their affinity to water. An off-label indication for fillers is using them to add volume to the temples. They lift drooping eyelids if injected into the forehead, recreating just enough convexity to support the eyebrows. They can also reshape the bridge of the nose and reshape the chin, as though in a chin implant. Fillers’ many cosmetic uses are changing the face of young and old alike in America, redefining what beauty is, keeping youth alive.

Radiance of Youth at Botixue

Your botox clinic in Tacoma offers not only botox treatment but dermal fillers as well. Find out by just dropping by Botixue if fillers can be added to your beauty regimen. This non-surgical approach and way less expensive countermeasure to the aging process is not a complex treatment. Get a younger looking you in just a few minutes at Botixue.