Tattoos and your Skin

Are you considering a tattoo?  Do you already have one?  In case you’re wondering about the potential health implications that a good inking might have for your skin, our Tacoma botox clinic offers the following points:

  • The tattooing process is generally safe, though there is the occasional case of bacterial infection or excess scarring.  Be particular about the tattoo parlor you use.

  • Some people have an allergic reaction to the ink.  It helps to be aware of your allergies before getting an allergen inserted deep into your skin.

  • Some tattoos don’t react well to an MRI scan.  You might experience a swelling or burning around the tattoo site during an MRI, and the resulting image may be compromised by an extensive tattoo.

  • Though tattoos themselves shouldn’t be causing you any skin problems after they’ve set in, they can disguise other skin problems.  A large, colorful tattoo can easily cover up a discoloration or a mole that might point to skin cancer.  Be prepared to pay particular attention to the area covered by your new ink.