Tips to Quit Smoking

Our Tacoma botox clinic has discussed before the destructive power that smoking has on your skin.  If you need help to lose this unfortunate habit, try employing these simple butt-kicking strategies:

  • Ease Into It: Going cold turkey has a surprisingly high relapse rate compared to employing nicotine replacement products, like patches and gums.

  • Rid Your Home of the Smell: There’s a good chance that a smoky smell clings to a lot of your furnishings and belongings.  Get rid of it!  You don’t need your home to constantly remind you of your vise.

  • Gather a Circle of Support: Tell your friends and family about your intent to quit.  They emotional support they give you can do wonders to help you through this tough time.

  • Control Your Stress: Employ relaxation techniques to keep your mind off smoking.  Exercise is a particularly good option, as it has a proven ability to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

  • Avoid Your Triggers: Over the years, you’ve probably come to associate smoking with certain activities.  Alcohol is a common one, as the two are frequently enjoyed in tandem.  Try to avoid or find alternatives to your triggers for the duration of your quitting regimen, or try to replace the smoking reflex with gum chewing or something similar when you can’t avoid it.

  • Don’t Diet: If you can avoid going on a diet while you quit smoking, then do yourself the favor.  Allowing yourself to indulge in some less-than-healthy food might facilitate the process.

Eat Fruits, Vegetables, and Lowfat Dairy Products: These foods aren’t just healthy, they also have the power to make cigarettes taste terrible to you.