The Rise of ‘Baby Botox”: And No It’s Not For Babies

Baby Botox Vs Traditional Botox 

What is Baby Botox?

No, It’s not botox for toddlers, as the term might suggest. It’s different from the usual or traditional botox that is widely popular. Learn more here about this innovative and practical way to use botox. 

Baby botox is essentially using lower doses of botox. It’s like a starter dose that could be useful for someone who is not so sure if they want it, or just wants to test the waters, or wants to use it as a preventive measure to keep wrinkles at bay. Yet, people who opt for baby botox expect some positive effects. The lowered doses give that smoother and brighter skin; however, it should not be expected to smooth out or reduce wrinkles.  

Both baby botox and the traditional or classic botox shots follow the same procedure. A needle with amounts of botox is injected into the target muscles. They are the same FDA-approved treatment areas: frown lines (between the brows), forehead lines, and/or crow’s feet (around the eyes). 

They differ in the dosing and the number of injection sites. The typical or classic botox uses more of the product, like 30 to 50 units; while baby botox uses less, 20 to 30 units only, though that depends on the strength of your facial muscle and positioning. Due to the reduced dose, the outcome is more subtle and not as dramatic as typical botox. The muscles will just be relaxed and softened, and not paralyzed

Hence, if you are on a budget, go for the soft look, and are young, then baby botox is for you.  It’s best for patients who are  in their mid-twenties to early thirties looking to prevent early onset wrinkles. In general, baby botox is best for those who have mild to moderate dynamic muscle movement with very minimal fine lines when the face is at rest.

Can you say that baby botox is for everyone?

Not really. It’s important to have a consultation with a skilled provider, one who can give you expertise information and some accurate expectations versus your goals. However, if you have deep resting lines or you want a brow lift, classic botox is better opted. So what is the guiding rule when it comes to using one or the other? It should be based on the proper clinical assessment. If you have static wrinkles, full-strength botox is the choice. 


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