What is Your Seasonal Skin Tone?

Have you ever heard people describe themselves as being “a summer” or “a fall”? They are talking about their seasonal skin tone, or “seasonal colors”. This is a factor that is used to determine the colors that best complement your appearance. So, when you’re trying to find a wardrobe that pops for you, take this advice from our Tacoma Botox clinic on determining your own seasonal colors first.

The first thing to do is figure out whether or not you have a “warm” or a “cool” skin tone. Take a look at your arm in natural light. What are our undertones? If you discern a pink or blue undertone with blue veins, your skin is “cool”. If you see more of a yellow undertone with greenish veins, you’re “warm”. Once you’ve determined this, find your color scheme in the following list:

  • Spring: Warm skin tone with light hair.  You go well with pale or bright colors.  Avoid dark colors, and avoid pairing black with white.
  • Summer: Light hair and skin with a cool skin tone.  You go well with pastels, as well as muted or neutral colors.  Avoid bright colors.
  • Fall: Warm skin with darker hair.  You pair well with the broadest range of colors, in particular rich, earthy colors.  Avoid pastels and bright colors.
  • Winter: Cool skin tone with dark hair.  You look best with rich colors, like blue, red, and hot pink.  Avoid neutral tones and earthy colors.