What’s the Deal with Dysport?

A while back, an alternative to Botox came out in the form of Dysport. Ever since then, many people have been wondering whether or not this product could give them better results for their anti-wrinkle needs. In case you’re among these people, consider the following advice from our Tacoma Botox clinic.

In many ways, Dysport is very similar to Botox. They both make use of the same toxin in largely the same way. Therefore, you can generally expect the same potential side effects from each product. As an added drawback, there is a concern that Dysport users may have a higher risk of developing antibodies against the toxin, thereby neutralizing its effects prematurely.

One of the benefits of Dysport over Botox is supposed to be price. On the surface, it looks like Dysport costs one third the price. However, this advantage disappears with the fact that you need three times as much Dysport to get the same results from an application of Botox. It is for these reasons that we recommend Botox over Dysport.