Avoiding a Bad Botox Experience

Some people get a little nervous about going to our Tacoma Botox clinic because they have heard stories about people around the country suffering unfortunate side effects from their Botox treatments. Indeed, there have been a number of Botox patients who did not have a good experience with their Botox clinics, suffering botulism poisoning or infections from poorly maintained equipment. The good news is that this is far from typical, and is largely due to unscrupulous business practices that you will not find at Botixue.

Some years ago, the FDA had to look into a series of Botox treatments gone wrong, discovering that some practitioners were using a cheaper form of the botulism toxin that had not been approved for use on humans. In order to be safe for human use, the toxin needs to be sterilized and neutralized according to FDA standards. The department has since cracked down on illegal Botox practices.

A big part of getting a Botox injection is to find a trustworthy place that can be relied upon to provide you with a proper product and expert treatment. When it comes time for your own treatment, come to Botixue for the Botox experience you deserve!